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Published: 08th August 2009
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The garage freezer is becoming more and more popular, but a lot of people are still not sure if it's ok to hook up a freezer in the garage, how to do it, and which is the best freezer for the job.

A freezer in the garage is the perfect solution for large families, or in fact any family, who either don't have room in the kitchen for a separate freezer, or have a lot of mouths to feed and want to freeze in bulk so need extra storage. Everyone has different experiences of how well installing a freezer in the garage works, but as long as you have electricity hooked up and the temperatures in the garage don't vary wildly there shouldn't be any problems.

Freezers need to be stored at a certain temperature depending on their ‘climate class', the two most common classes in the UK are N' (between 16°c - 32°c) and SN' (between 10°c and 32°c), so for garage freezers climate class SN is the most appropriate, as temperatures will drop in the winter. A good idea would be to buy a temperature gage to monitor the temperatures in your garage, however as a lot of garages are attached to the main house, the adjoining wall is likely to be the warmest part of the garage.

Any type of freezer can be used in the garage depending on your needs and the space available, but the most popular is a chest freezer as it is large, good value for money and opens from the top. Usually too large for a regular kitchen, the potential capacity of a chest freezer is ideal for a larger family and having access through the top of the appliance makes it convenient for the garage where you may have a car parked or other large items in storage.

The Whirlpool chest freezer is one of the best freezers for the job, as there is a wide range to choose from with capacities ranging from 204 litres to 503 litres, and the climate class on most is SN. One thing to bear in mind when buying a chest freezer is that foods can often get lost and forgotten about in the depths of the freezer, so keep it organized with the food to be consumed the soonest at the top, and make good use of the baskets in the freezer.

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